Andi Schreiber Photography Nailed Magazine
Laura Deathwish Nailed Magazine
Alfredo Aguilar Poetry Nailed Magazine

Poetry Suite by Alfredo Aguilar - Carrie Seitzinger

"we burned oil drums & brought the sun in closer. we watched the sea spill..."

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Fiona George Essay Nailed Magazine

In This Body: Dreams I Remember - Fiona George

"...someone or something I love is separated from me..."

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Britt Snyder Art Nailed Magazine

Artist Feature: Britt Snyder - Shenyah Webb

"Work that speaks softly of the human condition."

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Howie Good Fiction Nailed Magazine
Ortega's Nicaragua Photography Nailed Magazine

Ortega’s Nicaragua by Emanuele Giovagnoli - Carrie Seitzinger

"...deteriorated respect of human rights and freedom of press..."

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Mary Mandeville Essay Nailed Magazine

In His Room by Mary Mandeville - Carrie Seitzinger

"He put a noose around his neck and used the limb as a platform to exit his life."

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Keith Henry Brown Comic Nailed Magazine
Gerri Ravyn Stanfield Essay Nailed Magazine