The Summer Skins By Eva Penner

Editor Shenyah Webb, Photography, April 25th, 2017

"The water's warm and so is the wind, my skin breathing you in."

Eva Penner Photography Nailed Magazine


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Eva Penner Photography Nailed MagazineEva Penner is a photographer and videographer based in Strasbourg, France. Her work is partly about the sensitivity that flows from being a woman, showcasing the simple parts of the day to day through her own lens, to be reinterpreted. She is visually inspired by the cinema of the 50s and modernism. Her artist site can be seen here.


Shenyah Webb

Shenyah Webb is the Arts Editor and a Contributing Editor for NAILED. She is originally from Detroit; she studied Psychology at Michigan State University, and later finished in Industrial Design with an Art Therapy minor at The College of Creative Studies. She lives and works in Portland with her husband and son. She is a visual artist, and musician under the name Lithopedion. Her self-titled EP was released in 2013.