Holding the Line by Kimberly Kimble

Editor Sam Preminger, Photography, July 4th, 2018

"staying quiet about injustices is no longer an option."


Photos from Families Belong Together
Portland, OR

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Kimberly Kimble: Saturday, a group of mamas gathered outside of the ICE detention center in Portland, OR to breast/bottle feed their babies in protest of the Trump administration policies that have separated roughly 2,000 children from their parents. They held the line with their infants and children while older kids blew bubbles and played games. A strong sense of community was present, as they sat outside the highly organized and well functioning camp that has been in place for a few weeks.

It was such an honor to participate in and photograph history in the making. I’ve gotten involved with this movement because I realized that staying quiet about injustices is no longer an option. I believe women are so powerful and was excited to see an opportunity to protest alongside nursing mothers and mothers of young children. It was simultaneously the cutest and most striking protest, seeing those babes on their mother’s breasts while staring down homeland security.

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Kimberly Kimble is a wife, mother and birth story photographer in the greater Portland area. As a trained labor & postpartum doula, she combines her love for birth and babies with her skill of photography to document genuine human moments. With this new vision, she started her business Rushes & Waves early this year. She is passionate about current political issues and is excited to use her gifts to bring light to what is happening in the world.

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Sam Preminger

Sam Preminger is a Portland-based poet. Their work has appeared throughout various publications and they hold an MFA from Pacific University.