The Damned is Screaming, While the Divine Still Sings by Skyler J. Maggiore

Editor Shenyah Webb, Photography, March 22nd, 2017

"exploring my sexuality in conjunction to my catholic upbringing and exceptional closeness with my mother."



Skyler J. Maggiore’s work depicts the close relationship she shares with her mother and what exists between them, with a focus on the role her heavy catholic upbringing has played in shaping her sexuality. Her series, The Damned is Screaming, While the Divine Still Sings illustrates these connections with impeccable grace.

Her body of work exudes calm and quiet, secretive and private feelings as self-reflection and discovery unravel and are revealed. “Components of my past and present have gradually unveiled as this work has been created. Photography has been used not as an illustrative tool, but rather a device to reveal things that I didn’t necessarily know I was looking for,” Skyler explains.

When pairing her sexuality with her relationship with her mother, religion naturally play a part in this body of work. The simplest image may be heavy with notions of baptism, cleansing, and faith. An icon can weigh a ton. Remember the feeling of cool water on the brow, or the way a stained glass window warped the sunlight, filtered its wavelengths. Skyler carries these very visual details of water, texture, and simple iconography throughout her series.

She explains, “Still life, landscape, and portraits function in collaboration with each other. Though each image holds it’s own significance, the collective group of images all add up to something greater. Each photograph cannot speak on their own, but speak to each other. Not only do they explicate a non-linear narrative, but reveal something to their viewers along with myself, as the photographer.”

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Skyler J. Maggiore Photography Nailed MagazineSkyler J. Maggiore is a photographer currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Recently, she graduated from SUNY Purchase with a BFA in Photography and Arts Management. She has participated in several group exhibitions in New York. Skyler primarily shoots large format film for her own fine art practice, while digital photography is her main tool for commissioned works.


Shenyah Webb

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