Found Letter: Rhonda Jo

Editor Staff, Letters, February 6th, 2015

"You are so wrong girl!"

found letter rhonda jo nailed magazine

found letter Rhonda Jo nailed magazine

Rhonda Jo,

You are so wrong girl! That woman you seen in my car was not no whore like you have tole everbody. She was just some Jehova wetness lady needed a ride on accounta her van broke down back of Walmart. Sendin that cinderblock thru my windshield was not enough? You had to go and shoot them holes in my door. Here I am trying to start over. You are the reason I got to go to angry manegment classes, goddamn you Rhonda Jo. Are you pleased now I got to beg Nixa or elst Uncle Filo for a ride to angry manegment and the prole office? Well girl I have learnt how to control my temper in angry manegment–you need to find you a angry manegment for your ownself you bitch! Somethin else girl you better watch your back soon as I’m off prole and done with angry manegment class. I am serious.

Faron Lee

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