Poetry Suite by Sophia Holtz

Editor Carrie Ivy, Poetry, November 25th, 2015

"here’s a trick made by time: I look in the mirror & I’m a whole new girl."

twin peaks poems by sophia holtz nailed magazine


a dead girl by the water
……………after twin peaks


you can lie for your whole life. you can lie
to anyone with the right face. fill your body
with precious metals. drink something burning
in your sleep and wake up hungry for smoke.
tell me what’s behind the curtain—is it another man
like you? bury him in the dirt with bird bones
and fake flowers from the drug store.
give his porno tapes a viking funeral on the river.
you will find his keys under his pillow. take them.
he would have wanted you to drive that truck like a king.
eat all your meals with the dream people
in the middle of the night. they will come to you
in many forms. they’ll order coffee in short whispers
and ask to read your smooth palms.

+ + +

……………after twin peaks


don’t say you’ve been searching for me
when we all know where I go after dark.
the earth has many secrets
to swallow up with the sinners.
if you lie all the time everyone learns
to understand you. I’ve been to very few places
that smell clean as the pines—
places nothing like an empty hotel hallway.
here’s a trick made by time: I look in the mirror
& I’m a whole new girl. my face is prom night
& everyone’s gonna stay up late
drinking by the falls. that water can drown
all we’ve hoped for. listen, when I said I love you
what I meant was would you like more coffee?
—everyone who leaves this town
has to leave me first.

+ + +

spend your nights watching television shows about murder
& not thinking about who is gone


every night a body washed up from the ocean
& I recognize no one thank god. every night
a new string of questions no water can answer.
I am not looking for you any more because you are not dead.
you are not dead because you make your life in patterns
like any other human. your pattern is to leave
everything behind. keep this locked in a box
like a weapon. I suspect everyone disappears
when the camera pans away.

+ + +

a girl walks home alone at night
after the film of the same title


our home   pumping oil in the dark
our town   is a bad place   following me
like a stray   you creep   black robed
put on your makeup   with the lights out
keeping silent   save for where it counts
they’ll find cuts   on all the bodies
all the bodies in the ditch   we ignore
because they’re a fact    of living here
it’s a true true thing   are you   come over
meet me by the power plant     on a night
with no moon

+ + +

Header image courtesy of Igor Moukhin. To view his photo essay “Holy Mess,” go here.

sophia holtz poetry poems nailed magazineSophia Holtz is a writer, performer, and sometimes-illustrator. She has featured in bars, colleges, and the occasional basement throughout the United States. Her work has appeared in RHINO, decomP, H_NGM_N, and other journals. She received her BA from Hampshire College, and is a MFA candidate at NYU. Find her online, here.


Carrie Ivy

Carrie Ivy (formerly Carrie Seitzinger) is Editor-in-Cheif and Co-Publisher of NAILED. She is the author of the book, Fall Ill Medicine, which was named a 2013 Finalist for the Oregon Book Award. Ivy is also Co-Publisher of Small Doggies Press.