True People by Roberto Gramostini

Editor Carrie Ivy, Photography, April 4th, 2016

A journey through the Indonesian archipelago.

Rob Gramostini true people series photo essay NAILED Magazine

“True People” is a series of photographs taken by Roberto Gramostini, on film during Summer 2015, documenting the experiences and the people he met on a trip on one of the main islands of the Indonesian archipelago. It is a visual project that aims to give value to and convey to the viewer the feelings of the various movements of his journey.


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Roberto Gramostini Roberto Gramostini was born in Gallarate, Italy in 1988 and raised there. He has been working as an Advertising Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Photographer for eight years now.¬†Gramostini’s introduction to photography dates back to adolescence but a strong interest and passion for 35mm films and analogic photography was discovered later. He has never attended University or photography classes. He grew up as a pure self-educated photographer thanks to his dedication, his mistakes, and all the thrown-away film. Visit his official site, here.


Carrie Ivy

Carrie Ivy (formerly Carrie Seitzinger) is Editor-in-Cheif and Co-Publisher of NAILED. She is the author of the book, Fall Ill Medicine, which was named a 2013 Finalist for the Oregon Book Award. Ivy is also Co-Publisher of Small Doggies Press.