Interview: Comedian Emily Heller

Editor Roy Coughlin, Interview, April 15th, 2013

"Um, excuse me...but, like, would you mind going and fucking yourself?"

comedian emily heller

Nailed Magazine conducted a series of interviews with comedians for the 2013 Bridgetown Comedy Fest in Portland, Oregon.

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NAILED: You lived and worked in San Francisco for a while, and now you’re in New York City. Obviously New York is one of the centers of comedy in the country, but are there other benefits or advantages that a city like New York offers over a place like San Francisco?

EMILY HELLER: New York has a lot of advantages over San Francisco. For example, rats. And also: real aggression, instead of passive aggression. In New York, it’s like, “Go fuck yourself!” and in San Francisco it’s like, “Um, excuse me, like, not to be rude, but, like, would you mind going and fucking yourself?” I kind of like “Go fuck yourself” better. But I also miss recycling, and friendliness, and the Golden Girls drag shows.

NAILED: What do you hate about comedy?

HELLER: My least favorite thing about comedy is how annoying my normal friends find me now.

NAILED: When was the last time you nailed it?

HELLER: I auditioned for the role of “unattractive woman” recently and got the part.

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Emily Heller is a comedian and writer who likes you very much. You may have seen her on Conan, on the third season of John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show on Comedy Central, or as one of the New Faces at the 2012 Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. She is the creator and star of the Above Average series The Future. In 2011, She was included in Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch, won Rooftop Comedy’s Silver Nail Award, and was named one of the “Funniest People in Town” by 7×7 Magazine in San Francisco. Emily now lives in New York City and performs stand-up all over the country.

This interview was conducted during Portland’s annual Bridgetown Comedy Fest, which takes place on the weekend of April 18 – 21, 2013. Click here for information on shows that feature Emily Heller during the 2013 festival. [Photo Via: blogs.sfweekly : *Photo by Mindy Tucker]


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