Interview with Lola Peters, art by Mickalene Thomas

Actual Space: Interview With Lola Peters - Robert Lashley

"I think of a woman standing knee-deep in cotton, surrounded..."

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acacia blackwell obsession with number four

Interview: Acacia Blackwell’s Obsession - Acacia Blackwell

"The number four goes a little bit beyond what can be rationalized."

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Erika Lust NAILED Interview

Interview: Adult Filmmaker Erika Lust - Matty Byloos

"...when it comes to the sex, the main key is that I don't direct it."

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zak smith art NAILED magazine

Interview: Erika Lust’s Obsession - Matty Byloos

"I love oysters, and food and sex go so well together."

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Zak Smith art for NAILED

Interview: Amie Zimmerman’s Obsession - Matty Byloos

"blue acid wash Guess jeans in size zero. My thighs still touch..."

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munoz art

Interview: Brian Tibbetts’s Obsession - Matty Byloos

"...that it would be like knowing her fully, completely..."

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Interview: A.M. O’Malley’s Obsession - Matty Byloos

"It is the exact date that gauzy childhood ended and life sped up..."

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davis slater's obsession with cognition NAILED Magazine's obsession column

Interview: Davis Slater’s Obsession - Matty Byloos

"...its underlying biology that informs my experience of my brain."

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faith 47 troy james weaver obsession

Interview: Troy James Weaver’s Obsession - Matty Byloos

"Something like a drug in the hunt for the truth within the psyche."

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Kevin Maloney's obsession with Van Gogh NAILED magazine interview obsession

Interview: Kevin Maloney’s Obsession - Matty Byloos

"It felt like stumbling across Jesus Christ’s dream journal."

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