Claire Greising Essay Nailed Magazine
Jacob Aiello Fiction Nailed Magazine

Another Spin With Corinne by Jacob Aiello - Matty Byloos

"She didn’t say another word until we were both done and zipped back up..."

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AJ Cunder Fiction Nailed Magazine

Parking Deck Kiss by AJ Cunder - Matty Byloos

"I remember wrapping my arms around his back, squeezing..."

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fiction by genelle chaconas, art by angela buron

Organ by Genelle Chaconas - Matty Byloos

"The joints of your knuckles slip inside the heat...."

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Cathy de la Cruz Fiction Nailed Magazine

Happy Face by Cathy de la Cruz - Matty Byloos

"I never asked to see it, I never wanted to see it."

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Josh Gray Fiction NAILED Magazine

The Burning of Martyrs by Josh Gray - Matty Byloos

"The water rippled when the drone struck the house..."

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Fortunato Salazar Fiction NAILED

Hired Chair by Fortunato Salazar - Matty Byloos

"The objective was to not call attention to himself..."

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Audrey Lentz Fiction Nailed Magazine

This Is What Happens by Audrey Lentz - Matty Byloos

"It sounds like you don't know if it was consensual or not."

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Peter Schwartz Sheldon Lee Compton Fiction Nailed
Regina M. Ernst fiction

The Roofers by Regina M. Ernst - Matty Byloos

"They’re not so threatening now, detached, loose skin, empty of intention."

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