Sex Stories: Eve by Monet Thomas

Editor Kirsten Larson, Editor's Choice, May 6th, 2015

"he kind of slithered out of his jeans..."

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I told my virgin boyfriend to take off his pants. He asked me why. We were lying pressed together fully dressed on my extra long twin bed in my college dorm room. He took off his pants, an act made more difficult by the fact that my bed was lofted, high enough to fit my desk underneath where I pretended to do homework. So, the truth is he kind of slithered out of his jeans, in an abbreviated side-to-side motion, like a snake shedding skin in a tight space. Then I told him to take off his shirt. He understood. In that unplanned moment, on a random weekend, I was going to take his virginity. There was no ceremony, no candles allowed in the dorm. He was unprepared. When we were both naked, I got on top of him, reached down and put him inside me. Nothing but his skin on my skin.

Immediately afterwards, he cried.

I held him. Asked what was wrong. He said he felt two kinds of shame. The first shame was from his childhood as a faithful Christian. Although he’d stopped believing in most parts of Christianity, at 18 going on 19, his virginity was the last hold-out. His desire and lack of willpower had surprised him. He was ashamed that he’d been unable to resist me. He thought he’d had a choice. The second shame was based in how quickly he climaxed, which had been at the moment the length of his penis felt the warmth of my body. I listened, stroking my hands through his hair. And when he was finished talking, I moved away from him to the other side of the bed. I lay back on my elbows and slowly, very slowly, I opened my legs. He looked. I was very patient. I waited until he could see the apple had already been bitten. I waited until he came for another taste.

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monet thomas writer nailed magazineMonet P. Thomas is a new arrival to Portland, Oregon. She’s a Southerner at heart and a long way from home. She holds an MFA in poetry from the Inland Northwest Center for Writers at EWU in Spokane, Washington. Her poems can be found online at Specter and Black Heart Magazine and her blog about the move to Portland can be found, here.


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