Charcoal by Katie Collins Guinn - Acacia Blackwell

"Years later I finally reclaimed my pleasure for desire."

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Karleigh Frisbie Essay NAILED Magazine

Soil by Karleigh Frisbie - Carrie Seitzinger

"...the way girls play war, with mysteries and clues and some magic."

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Pamela Carter Essay NAILED Magazine

A Bipolar Child by Pamela Carter - Carrie Seitzinger

"I was seen as an exceptionally bright but difficult child rather than one with a treatable mental illness..."

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Christie Tate Editors Choice NAILED Magazine

In My Here, In My Now, In My Body by Christie Tate - Carrie Seitzinger

"This was goodbye to the tethers of repression and approval and virtue..."

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Claire McCulley Essay Nailed Magazine

Pride by Claire McCulley - Carrie Seitzinger

"you took the word 'lesbian' off the shelf and put it on."

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photography by Emel Karakozak

The Ping Pong Magician’s Assistant by Vix Gutierrez - Carrie Seitzinger

"These women make a stark parody of the exploitation of female sex..."

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Kristin Costello essay nailed magazine

Haunted by Kristin Farr - Carrie Seitzinger

" ...used as a tool across race and time to create -- and preserve -- extreme social stratification."

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Danni Deathwish Nailed Magazine

Deathwish 057: Danni - Matty Byloos

"...the time before I knew things could go so wrong."

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Fiona George Essay Nailed Magazine

In This Body: How to Hate Yourself Less - Fiona George

"Being around the people I care about makes me feel lonelier."

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Yusef Bunchy Shakur Jeremy Williams Essay Nailed Magazine