Failing Haus

Editor Robyn Bateman, Comics, October 31st, 2017

"It's been a minute. Two years, in fact."

failing haus comic robyn bateman


Lost in a shame spiral? Caught up in a circle of self-loathing? Hopelessly in love with everyone who promises to never love you back?

New episodes of Failing Haus are coming in Spring 2018! In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak…


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failing haus comic season 3 episode 01

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Read where Failing Haus left off two years ago, here.


Robyn Bateman

Robyn Bateman writes things and draws stuff in Portland, Oregon, where she lives. She is best described as a perverted, crass old man disguised in the body of a charming young woman. Her bi-weekly comic series College was published by Nailed Magazine in the spring and summer of 2013. She is now the author and illustrator of Failing Haus, a biographical comic chronicling the small events in her life. She has also self-published a handful of silly comics.