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Zach Ellis Essay Nailed Magazine

Yahtzee and Suicide by Zach Ellis - Kirsten Larson

"I couldn’t tell her how much I hated God for keeping her alive..."

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painting by nathaniel evans, back of cop's head
millo street art girl with eyes closed and fingers in ears in red dress nailed magazine
daniel elder father essay nailed magazine
Karim Hamid art response cheating nailed magazine

Response: Cheating - Kirsten Larson

"...before I pulled up my big girl panties and broke up with my current partner."

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mike boening photo response broke

Response: Broke - Kirsten Larson

"I pretended the blackness belonged there--that I had grown such a thing."

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marina seaward vibrator essay nailed magazine

The Silencer by Marina Seaward - Kirsten Larson

"I pushed aside the attachments and pulled out the vibrator..."

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Sluts Walk, Haters Scream by Mo Daviau - Kirsten Larson

"Being proud of one’s sexuality doesn’t mean one deserves sexual assault..."

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people on couch in puddle on cellphones

Response: Facebook - Kirsten Larson

"All that you knew in your mind sent out over copper wires..."

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hurricane katrina essay nailed magazine

That Bitch, Katrina by Edee Lemonier - Kirsten Larson

"forced to swim for their lives... in the middle of 174mph winds."

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