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Origin Story by Abby Mims - Acacia Blackwell

"In the end coming into this world and leaving it is all bodies and blood, constricting, releasing, changing"

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Charcoal by Katie Collins Guinn - Acacia Blackwell

"Years later I finally reclaimed my pleasure for desire."

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The SFV Interviews: Jackie, by Karen Hunt - Acacia Blackwell

"A deep-rooted fear of abandonment and betrayal still lingers in my consciousness..."

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Deathwish Jake Nailed Magazine

Deathwish 056: Jake - Acacia Blackwell

"My mind was wild. I told myself I just didn’t care about anything."

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Katie Deathwish Nailed Magazine

Deathwish 054: Katie - Acacia Blackwell

"...children still know how to shriek absolute elation..."

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Kate Jayroe Essay Nailed Magazine

Knoxville, June by Kate Jayroe - Acacia Blackwell

"...I was the first woman you’d eaten and you were the second woman I’d eaten..."

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Donna Renee Anderson Essay Nailed Magazine

Kindness in Unexpected Packages By Donna Renee Anderson - Acacia Blackwell

" we were standing outside a church on a Tuesday morning looking for help."

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Ashley Brittner Essay Nailed Magazine

Let’s Call It by Ashley Brittner - Acacia Blackwell

"...not wanting to did not mean I was weird. It meant I was queer."

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Golda Dwass Essay Nailed Magazine