Artist Feature: Meghan Lionel Murphy

Editor Shenyah Webb, Art, March 7th, 2019

"Womxn that grow larger, stronger, and scarier than the world around them."


From the Artist:

These paintings exist in a dream world where the womxn are so big, such giantesses, nothing can hurt them anymore.

They eat, and they eat, and they eat.

I imagine them this way: One girl’s hunger stirs the other’s appetite. The more one eats, the more the other craves. So they eat, and eat, and eat.

Lips crashing up and down like violent waves, tearing through hangers, sofas, sunglasses, lipstick, platform heels, trucks, teakettles, bike chains, flower petals, throw pillows, tractors, diamond rings, lightbulbs, glowing screens, power cords, jean jackets, and flesh.

They grow, and they grow, and they grow.

+ + +

+ + +

Over the past few years, Meghan Lionel Murphy has compulsively painted heartbroken womxn that magically grow larger, stronger, and scarier than the world around them. As the paintings grow in number, she grows just a little larger, stronger, and scarier too. Her nights are spent at her drawing desk. Her days are divided between working as the Art & Story Director of Pollen and volunteering as Editor-in-Chief of Paper Darts. Her work can be purchased here.


Shenyah Webb

Shenyah Webb is a Portland-based visual artist and musician. She has been with NAILED Magazine since its inception in 2012 and has served as the Arts Editor and a Contributing Editor since its launch in 2013. A Detroit native, she attended The College for Creative Studies, where she focused on Fine Art and Industrial Design. She is currently enrolled in a Somatic Expressive Arts Education and Therapy training program, studying under Lanie Bergin. You can learn more about Shenyah here. (