Artist Feature: Isaac Cordal

Editor Shenyah Webb, Art, August 28th, 2014

"...I figured you'd love me the most as a dead businessman."


As I ponder the street art installations created by Isaac Cordal, a song written by Brian Gianelli (1979-2004) plays over and over again in my mind. In the last verse, he sings:

“Where are you going she said.
  Stopped me in mid-step, I’m gonna buy a neck tie
  And she smiled and loved me a little bit more for a while.
And then I continued my sentence,
  I’m gonna buy a neck tie to hang myself with.
  Cause I figured you’d love me the most as a dead businessman.”

Isaac Cordal is a sculpture artist who expands the imagination of the everyday pedestrian, finding his sculptures in gutters, on top of buildings, on top of bus shelters, in many unusual and unlikely places. Most of the scenes he creates include businessmen, oftentimes appearing lost or on the brink of suicide.

Many of the images in the gallery below are from his Cement Eclipses series.

Cement Eclipses is a critical definition of our behavior as a social mass. The artwork intends to catch the attention on our devalued relation with nature through a critical look to the collateral effects of our evolution. With the master touch of a stage director, the figures are placed in locations that quickly open doors to other worlds. The scenes zoom into the routine tasks of the contemporary human being. These small sculptures contemplate the demolition and reconstruction of everything around us. They catch the attention of the absurdity of our existence.”

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isaac cordal street artist nailedIsaac Cordal (1975) is an installation and street artist who lives and works in London. His work has been installed in urban areas of Berlin, London, Brussels, Liege, Barcelona, and Columbia, among others. To learn more about the artist, visit his site here.


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