about nailed magazine


NAILED is designed and curated to publish and promote stories of human struggle and personal experience in an accessible medium. We are most interested in the personal stories of voices that have been historically marginalized. We are dedicated to pointing cultural focus towards issues that we believe are of most importance (and are so often pushed aside), such as: sexuality, gender, race, death, mental health, sex politics, trauma, identity, the body, abuse, etc.

We feature candid writing, essays, art, poetry, fiction, photography, and more. NAILED was founded on five defining adjectives that we constantly strive to reflect in the content that we publish: Artful, Passionate, Raw, Challenging, and Intelligent. We publish new content weekly, with a focus on relevant cultural topics and personal struggles. We are interested in unbarred, exposed writing that is not typically found in online zines.

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The NAILED Team:

Acacia Blackwell [she/her]: Non-Fiction Editor

Sarah Orizaga [she/her]: Fiction Editor

Sam Preminger [they/them]: Poetry Editor

Shenyah Webb [she/her]: Arts Editor


Robert Lashley [he/him]: Contributing Editor

Carrie Seitzinger [she/her]: Publication Founder


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And discover more about the artist behind the cover image, Mirko Isaia.