Homemade by Adele Schelling

Editor Carrie Seitzinger, Photography, December 11th, 2015

People in crowded IKEAs, imagining themselves at home...

adele schelling photo essay of IKEA nailed magazine

From the photographer, Adele Schelling:

For the past year, I have been exploring the notion of Home by shooting at IKEAs all over the East Coast and Switzerland. I use IKEA’s showrooms as sets for candid moments of intimacy and domesticity between strangers, who for an instant forget they are in a crowded labyrinth, and fathom themselves at home. I am also interested in the apparent monotony of the stores across Europe and the U.S.A, as they all are organized around the same layout, yet function as platforms for such a rich diversity of interactions, from Zurich, Switzerland to Paramus, NJ.

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adele schelling photographer nailed magazineAdele Schelling is a Swiss freelance photographer with a BFA from the University of the Arts of London. She is currently NYC-based and a graduate student at the School of Visual Arts. Whether photographing intricate jewelry for London designers, performing on the snowy icecaps of the Swiss Alps, or roaming IKEA’s showrooms with a camera, her practice explores the concept of Home, as a social space and the ways it is intrinsically related to one’s identity.


Carrie Seitzinger

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