2 Flash Selections by Edward Mullany

Editor Matty Byloos, Fiction, August 21st, 2012

He was standing in the shadows on my porch one night, waiting for me...

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The Forgotten Story

In a desert, a man with a long beard told another man with a long beard that he believed they would soon find water. “When is soon?” asked the second man. “Today? Tomorrow? Don’t tell me ‘soon’. Neither of us has any idea if or when we’ll find water. We’re both lost.” They did not find water. The first man died, and, a little while later, the second man died.


The Man With the Straight Blade

He was standing in the shadows on my porch one night, waiting for me, or for someone he thought was me, as I returned from work. My family was inside. The light in the living room was burning. I could see them laughing at something they were watching on TV.

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edward mullanyEdward Mullany is the author of If I Falter at the Gallows (Publishing Genius, 2011) and Figures for an Apocalypse (forthcoming).

He grew up in Australia and in the American Midwest.

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Matty Byloos

Matty Byloos is Co-Publisher and a Contributing Editor for NAILED. He was born 7 days after his older twin brother, Kevin Byloos. He is the author of 2 books, including the novel in stories, ROPE ('14 SDP), and the collection of short stories, Don't Smell the Floss ('09 Write Bloody Books).