Artist Feature: Kaethe Butcher

Editor Shenyah Webb, Art, January 8th, 2015

The erotic relationship between women.

kaethe butcher art nailed magazine

From what I have learned through my personal sexual experience, and have read with the hope of understanding men and women collectively, I’ve found that men are prevalently turned on by what they see and women tend to be more sensational, turned on by multiple sensations at once: touch, smell, atmosphere, visual…

I asked a few men if erotic illustrations sexually heightened them and most said “Not really.” Is it because erotic illustrations are generally unrealistic visually? When I asked a few women, including myself, most answered “Yes.” I believe this is partly due to females encompassing a more sensational experience with sex. We not only let our imaginations fluidly explore what’s being expressed on the page but we also tend to imagine the art in its creative state, bringing ourselves into the fantasy and arousal of the artist as the illustrations are being created.

The following gallery is a suite of erotic illustrations created by Kaethe Butcher, who holds a deep appreciation for the female body, inspired by its tenderness and movement. Her erotic illustrations explore intimate relationships between women, from friendship to the bedroom.

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kaethe butcher art nailed magazineKaethe Butcher is an emerging 24-year-old artist and illustrator from Germany. She is heavily influenced by Egon Schiele and Art Nouveau. To keep up on her collection of works, visit her site here.


Shenyah Webb

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