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Advertising With Nailed Magazine Online

If you or your organization is interested in advertising on NAILED Magazine, please get send an email to Matty @ Nailed Magazine . com — with “Advertising Query” in the subject line.

We are interested in working with like-minded entities and organizations who share our politics and who might benefit from getting their message in front of our audience.

NAILED Magazine offers package deals, which include the following advertising elements. We feel that a comprehensive blend of various channels stands the best chance of making a lasting impression on your audience. In this way, we allow our advertisers to leverage our networks in order to achieve the greatest possible results.

  • Sidebar Static Image Advertising
  • Facebook Post
  • Tweets via our Twitter Feed
  • Image Advertising and or Write Up in Our Newsletter

We are also actively seeking partnerships with entities and organizations who might sponsor specific monthly or regularly featured articles on NAILED. Are you a young record label producing great bands making important music? We’d love to have you sponsor Songs of the Week, for example.

Authors promoting new books, Musicians promoting new albums, Artists promoting upcoming exhibitions, Political Activists bringing attention to an important cause — we want to hear from all of you.

Get in touch with your goals and timelines, and we’ll put together a package that makes sense and fits with your budget.


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